In the last few months, I've been working on a small project illustrating various foods that I had been eating that week. I want to expand my portfolio into food illustration as it's always been an interest of mine. I like to use a mix of watercolours, pencils and pens. I like using watercolours to help to bring out the vibrancy of the food, and using a fineliner for added detail. 
"Ramen" this piece is my most recent illustration. I had taken a break recently from illustrating due to personal circumstances, and have been finding it difficult to be creative. I painted this in watercolours after a night out in a restaurant eating ramen. 
"Yum Cha" I drew this illustration using a mix of pencils for an illustration stock company that I'm a part of. 
"cake roll Illustration"
I often upload a lot of my work onto Instagram and Twitter. It was through Instagram that I was approached by this company that specialises in making personalised cake rolls. She asked me if I could draw her an illustration of her cake roll. It was a project she was working on with many other illustrators to help get their work to more audiences. I really enjoyed this piece as it was much more fun and colourful to what I usually draw. 
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